I have done it before but I was much younger then, and in any case they were never so thick. I read an entire book in one marathon of a sitting. Avirook Sen’s ‘Aarushi’ deserves to be read that way, devoured quickly……hungrily. For whatever be its shortcomings it is definitely gripping and ‘unputdownable’. Extremely well written, Sen does not let the pace slacken as he recounts incidents about bumbling policemen and the heartless judiciary. A grim picture of the ‘system’ which is India. As you go through the book it becomes evident that this is a first hand account, not here-say, Sen has been there and done that!

His painstaking attention to detail shines through as he follows the case to its (not so) logical conclusion . The subtle sarcasm and tongue in cheek comments about the media, investigators, experts and those who sit in judgment are simultaneously funny and sad. Don’t go in looking for answers though, for there are none. In fact he raises some more questions as he points out the oversights , fallacies and shortcomings in the investigation and judgement.image

The only flaw in this ‘non-fiction’ whodunnit story is his bias. Just as he accuses the the Judiciary and CBI for being prejudiced against the Talwars, he himself favours them. And he does this slowly and subtly so that by the end of the book you feel sorry for Rajesh and Nupur and believe in their misfortune. The choice of adjectives while describing the Talwars, their friends and legal team is deliberate. Painting them in a way that they appear both righteous and wronged. Also while he is scathingly critical of the inconsistencies in the persecution theory, he is more kind and considerate about those made by the accused. He fails to humanise the other suspects, the ‘lowly’ domestics who have been exonerated by the court. The reader would like to know more about their background before dismissing them as killers.

Sadly, the real tragedy occurred after the twin murders. To her parents horror, Aarushi was killed in her bedroom and violated by the police and press in public, as a voyeuristic nation looked on. In the end, Sen is absolutely right about one thing, it was a trial by the Indian public and the media. And Rajesh and Nupur, with their upper middle class values and private grief did not stand a chance.

Read it ……at a measly 150/- ( the e- book is 120/-!!) it is total paisa vasool.

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4 thoughts on “Aarushi

  1. Sunita singh says:

    In India before the judiciary a parallel media and public trial starts. Be it Sheena vora, Arushi or else. The fault is first at level of police .They are so novaice ill trained that they destroy or mishandle evidences in the first place.Then our loooong judicial process takes care of rest and you are left with presumptions. But at the end twin murders took place .There is someone who is guilty. Until proven………..

  2. Manju Gupta says:

    You are right Sunita, the way our system works….no accused can be proven guilty ‘beyond reasonable doubt ‘
    … And thats how most of them get away with murder!

  3. Mitra saxena says:

    And now it leaves me with comments for Aarushi ..

    Aarushi and Sheena two pretty faces but no longer alive to tell their stories. .
    I feel real pain when I think about these kids …Media Police Judiciary CBI and Indian people ..all have made such a vulgar Bharta …of a gruesome crime shoddy investigation s and indifferent insaaf ki devi Cruel media .
    Makes me ashamed to be an Indian ..

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Yes mitra it is a shame to be a part of the system….or the lack of it!! Irrespective of whether the Talwars are guilty or not it was a shoddy investigation…..sadly no one was penalised ( not the UP policemen who couldn’t discover a dead body for 24 hrs, not the doctors who made Aarushi’s vagina bigger with each passing day, not the CBI who missed the pillow case and not the judge who wrote the judgement before the discussions were over, to ensure that the English is impeccable!!) Only the parents had to pay with their lives

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