About Me

The Author


I am a lady- doctor, a lady and a doctor (strictly in that order) . I am a wife , mother, daughter and sister ( not necessarily in that order) I enjoy a  plethora of ‘in- law’ titles too , but am an out- law at heart.  Decades of practising in a small town has not made me perfect. I write because I read and opine because I feel. I am a late bloomer and am starting a blog when most  have moved on to newer things. I am not much but I am me, and thats enough.

My Blog

I live a pretty ordinary life in an  extraordinary way. And   I plan to share its sundry details. So its a blog about nothing but something about it will make you want to return.

My body of Work

Mostly consists of snide comments on Facebook. Recently  two of my write-ups were published as middle pieces in a national daily. Reading my rants in news print made me crave for a wider base ( and what can be wider than the world wide web). I plan to post some of my ‘more inspired’ writings here.

My awards

None so far but the fact that you are reading this is reward enough.

And then…..

Eight months and fifteen published pieces later, with an essay on road accidents freshly out, I yearned for my own space, my own column. So I wrote to the Editor-in-chief about it. The request was so pompous, so over pretentious that I smiled as I drafted it. But on hindsight, it seems that’s what made it easy. It was so absurd for a person with no credentials to ask for a regular column that I was prepared for the worst, not just a big fat ‘NO’ but probably some dressing down as well. As always Tribune replied promptly asking me to follow it up, which I duly did. The rest is history…..still shrouded in mystery!

And now…..

I have a regular column in the Sunday Tribune which goes by the name ‘ Reading the Pulse ‘. I am trying to find my niche in the Hindu so that I am not restricted to the open pages!

I have enjoyed  this journey so far and love sharing it with you. Thanks.