and the Oscar will go to……

Oscar fever is raging . With just 36 hrs to go it’s my last chance to put forth an opinion. So here goes my list of ‘ deserving’ favourites-


Best actor – Eddie Redmayne for A theory for Everything because its so difficult to play a live, disabled, prominent public figure. He does it with quiet dignity and accuracy.

Best actress- Rosemund Pike as Gone Girl for portraying the complex, crazy character with just a hint of vulnerability so that you don’t hate Amy too much.

Best director- Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman because he yelled cut so softly that the movie seems to be one continuous shot.

Best cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezki’s for Birdman because of the unusual choice of letting the viewer see what happens before and after any given event which adds to the realism of the experience.

Best Editing – should have gone to Birdman but it’s not even nominated in this category. It’s a huge disappointment because it must have taken really precise editing to make the film look the way it does. My second choice is Boyhood but I don’t really care.

Best Picture- Richard Linklater for Boyhood. Its an ordinary story told in an extraordinary way. Filmed with the same cast and crew over twelve years it is a study in human perseverance

Best original screenplay- Richard Linklater for Boyhood because of its simplicity. There are no big turns and twists and there is no climax but it keeps you involved and touches your heart.

Best adapted screenplay- I was rooting for The Fault in our stars. Its such a plausible love story. But it missed nomination probably because it was released too early in the year and so was forgotten. My next choice would be to Graham Moore for The Imitation Games or Damien Chazelle for Whiplash. Not that it matters too much.

Best Supporting Actor – J.K Simmons for Whiplash. He has truly brought to life the almost sadistic passion of an eccentric teacher.

Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. As the film progresses, she ages in front of your eyes ,which is commendable for an actress!

Best Costume, Hair and Makeup – to The Grand Budapest Hotel. I hated everything else about the movie. It has been nominated in several other categories and if it wins I’ll have to reeducate myself.

I haven’t seen Still Alice and American Sniper and some other nominated movies, who knows they might walk away with all the awards. We’ll know soon enough……….

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