Spice Route

The egg came first, ending my eternal causality dilemma. A delicious cocktail of tender coconut and mango, served as a welcome drink in a mock egg shell. By the time the eighth course arrived, half of a minuscule bajra roti stuffed with caramelised onions and a dot of herbed butter, a tiny sprig stuck on top, I had realised the obvious. We would have to stop for dinner at some ...
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I…..me…..myself !!

For want of a better word we called it a selfie danda, the name my son-in -law gave it when he presented one to me two years ago. It is a 4 ft telescopic rod on which you can mount your mobile and take a selfie by clicking a conveniently located button. If 2014 was the year of the selfie with everyone from the Pope to POTUS to our own newly elected PM joining the fray, then 201...
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Midway Point

If Life is a journey then I truly lived it up in my 53rd year The destinations were ordinary the journey extraordinary And the co-passengers awesome It started with a twenty step walk as I strutted down the ramp with increasing confidence, in heels, a LBD and pressed hair. An all girls event with models past prime yet comfortable in their sagging skin ...
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Time Machine

“Hmm, so not even the children?” my maid asked, not caring to hide her disdain. “No, just us siblings; our parents will accompany us, though.” I replied without a shred of guilt. I had been through this drill so many times, had been judged by so many people, that I didn’t care anymore. After all it was just a holiday, a 15-day break. It was a family vacation that we had been...
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Born Free

The father of our nation recognised the power of violating laws and used it to fight foreign domination. Almost a century later, more than a billion of us, most of whom were born free, are trudging the same path not realising that the Britishers have left and by not obeying the laws of the land we only harm ourselves. Lets admit it, we are a nation of law breakers. We break ...
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Shades of Grey

A recent road trip from my father's native village in Sagar M.P to my mother's birthplace Banda U.P. was a bitter sweet experience. I was returning to this sedate region of Bundelkhand after two decades and was greeted by an almost perfect road amid dense teak forests and pristine valleys. Carelessly strewn plastic bags, a sign of modern existence were noticeably absent. I was ...
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Almost famous

While clearing out my daughter’s cupboard drawers I came across some newspaper cuttings which took me back in time. It was the year Kalpana Chawla died. My daughter was in Class 11, in the school the astronaut had studied in. During her meteoric rise, KC never missed an opportunity to give back to her alma mater. As a goodwill gesture she had arranged for two students from the ...
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I was online when the news of the demonetisation trickled in. Too engrossed in the final moments of the Trump Hillary showdown, I wondered why the Prime Minister was talking about currency that had been phased out long ago. And then it slowly sinked in. He was referring to the money lying in my wallet. As he ominously declared that the notes would lose legal tender I thought of...
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Unfair Practices

Thirty years ago when I saw it for the first time I was amazed and alarmed in equal measure. I could see the finer details, even the unsavoury ones, as I had a ring side seat to the proceedings. The annual Dussehra Mela is held on a stretch of road just outside our clinic. Back then I was unnerved by the wares laid out on the ground, narrowing the road to an alley . A sea of...
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Didi’s anthem

I vividly remember the last time I saw her. She was fighting a losing battle with cancer and was confined to a wheelchair. It was the school's annual day and I was attending as an alumna. At the end of the function everyone stood up for the national anthem. She was too weak to rise. But as we reached the second stanza she struggled to an erect stance and stood in attention well...
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