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I finally saw Birdman yesterday. Lets not get into the where and how of it and go straight into the ‘why’. For starters it is a strong contender for the Oscars this year and so it was a must watch for me but you should watch it too. And here are three reasons why

Watch it for its technical brilliance. The entire film seems to be one continuous shot without any cuts. Of course it is not practically possible to shoot it that way which makes one appreciate the role of the cinematographer, script supervisor and editor who seamlessly fused the various shots. It looks incredible, specially when we are bombarded with films in which the colour of clothes, size of scars and model of phones keep changing from scene to scene!

Watch it for its underlying theme about the tussle within.. Although the film is about a megalomaniac film-star trying to reclaim lost ground yet the internal conflict is universal. The difference between the way we see ourselves and the way the world perceives us

Watch it to ponder over the open ending. I like movies in which the viewer can conclude the movie according to their own mindset (eg Lunchbox) . And although there is a roaring debate on internet whether he did or did not do it (no spoilers here !!) the important thing is that in the end his daughter looks upto him.

So does it have a chance to win? Waiting for your take on this one.

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4 thoughts on “Bird watch

  1. kavita aneja says:

    Ur kitchen saga came at a time when I was myself contemplating doing my kitchen. Ur elaborates on d nuances of the nightmare actually took me on a virtual journey I was about to embark on! And after some mindful deliberation I now conclude that I hv a reasonably decent kitchen. More so, I too detest working in that corner of my house.
    Although I hate to admit ( stealing ur words), ur sardonic yet honest write up did keep me engaged till d very end …..except at some places where I felt deja vu ( afterall 35 yrs of association. ..though we lost some of it in between. …
    …..mele mein bichar gaye the…jindagi ke mele mein……..).

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      thanks kavita. your comment came at a time when i thought my blog was not good enough for friends to comment on ( heh heh!). Because after all you people know me and what I am capable of better than anyone else. Yes I agree amaavasya lambi thi but its a full moon now!!

  2. ritu Agrawal says:

    Though ur write up does highlight the problems iminent as our home to be is waiting for its modular kitchen but den the plunge will have to be taken the pain n pinch will surely be feltas the time comes for it. till then as they say. bina mare swarf nahi milta

  3. ritu Agrawal says:


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