Grudging Gadgets

Shhh…… They have ears! I am not sure whether they can read but they can definitely hear. I have learnt this the hard way but want to warn you. It all started when we were planning to buy a new fridge. The old one was working perfectly but didn’t match our renovated kitchen. So we were discussing the newer models with their superior cooling power and hot metallic looks. Some ...
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Kitchen katha

Taj Mahal
Once upon a time there lived a maiden who felt her kitchen needed remodelling. This wasn’t a whim but a decision taken after much deliberation . The old kitchen had to go. My husband wasn't convinced and the fact that I detest cooking made a very strong argument. But sometimes I like to play chef and on such occasions I feel that the kitchen should look it's part. It took so...
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Kalpana ki udaan

kalpana-chawla feature
I remember it so vividly. The year was 1975. I was  new in school  and preparations  for the upcoming parents day were on.  For a geography project a class room  was being changed into a miniature landscape. The idea was to trace the journey of a river from the mountains to the sea where it formed a delta. Class tenth was mainly involved, but a couple of us eighth graders, ...
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