Relatively Speaking

In the morning when I’m still groggy and in bed I close my eyes for what seems like a second, but when I open them the clock tells me 15 minutes have elapsed. In contrast, when I’m huffing and puffing on the treadmill, each second takes its time to pass. This is Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity as I know it. All of us experience it. Time passes slowly at office meetings a...
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A gang of girls

They met at the mall for an afternoon of shopping and created a virtual ruckus as they hugged and greeted each other, excitedly talking, all at once. The amused looks of fellow-shoppers did not deter them from their very public display of affection. The shopping spree had been planned in advance and the agenda was clear. First was a trip to the make-up lounge where they deba...
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Mad over Doughnuts

We had perfected the drill over time. I would get up early, coax my children into the car, and rush to the airport, a 20-minute drive from my brother's place which was our usual night halt. This enabled my daughter, who was studying design in Gandhinagar, to be in time for her classes after her visits home. On one such occasion when we reached the domestic terminal we we...
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