Hungry Kya

I was facing a crisis in the run up to world food day. Green Thai curry or gobhi manchurian, singhara khurchan or savoury moong daal, maal pua or kesari kheer, golgappe or dahi paapri ....and if the former, which masala pani filling... sweet or sour ? It was a problem of plenty and I risked finding the weight I had diligently lost. I was attending the wedding of a friend’s s...
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About nothing!

I was stuck. Nothing unusual. It was two days after Diwali, a time when all Indian men are on the streets trying to reach out to their sisters. In any case getting stuck is not uncommon in our country where we share our roads with wayward tractor trolleys, unhinged bullock carts,  and holy cows. This time though it was different. The toll was taking its toll or more accurat...
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Wrapping a bribe

It’s that time of the year again. The season to clean out  closets, almirahs, box beds or wherever else you had stored them, wrap them and get them ready. It’s Diwali after all, everyone gets a new outfit, including past presents!  Culturally, Diwali has been seen as an opportunity to express gratitude to people who matter, a sentiment which was conveyed by exchanging gifts. Ov...
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Crying Foul

It was my first time. I was a little uncertain, somewhat ambivalent. With a driver no longer on my payrolls I was dutifully taking my car to one of the yellow boxes that have cropped up adjoining petrol pumps.  To say I went out of plain diligence would be a half truth. The bigger half is that I was wary of the consequences of a polluting vehicle. Under the recently amended Mot...
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Digital Dictators

I was driving down the highway in my spanking new car, minding my own business when I heard a     sharp popping sound. Moments later I noticed a small crack in the middle of my windshield. The car is actually six months old but could pass off as new because it was absolutely blemish free. My son in law had lovingly got all the dents, bumps and scratches mended while I was away ...
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Bond Sisters

I was a little sceptical when I laid eyes on it. She is good at the craft and I totally trust her creative  prowess. Among others, she had designed one using iron nuts, instead of beads for my brother, an  Ironman aspirant. She had also customised one for my Googler son, replicating the exact colours of the company’s logo. But this pink rose with two dainty leaves, although exq...
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Son of a Gun

It isn’t the act itself, which is no doubt abominable, it is the ease with which it was done that is worrisome. Three masked men on a motorcycle, blocked an SUV as it slowed down at a speed breaker and shot the occupant at point blank range. A total of six bullets were fired from an illicit weapon, two of which hit the victim, injuring him fatally. We witness such incidents ...
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Son of the soil

The other two who preceded him, collapsed from exhaustion after crossing the finishing line. In contrast his entry was majestic,  he jogged in energetically like a hero, both arms raised in celebration. He looked a little dazed, a little confused as the crowd cheered on, giving him a heartfelt standing ovation. He clapped a little too, maybe for himself, maybe in appreciation f...
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Toys are us

On a recent trip to Switzerland, we stopped for lunch at a small picnic spot by the road. A non descript village on the way home. Apart from the usual bench, swing and water source, there was a sandpit with toy trucks, dumpsters and excavators. A ping pong table stood in one corner with the racquets and ball lying in a plastic bag underneath. An open invitation to play. And pla...
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A Dog’s Life

A dog died in my neighbourhood recently. No, it wasn’t my neighbour’s dog. Actually it wasn’t  anyone’s dog,  belonged to no one. Just one of those lowly strays that wander in  our cities.  Born on the street, surviving on random acts of kindness, till they die of disease, starvation or are run over by some speeding vehicle. So how do I know about it’s demise? I wouldn’t have, ...
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