Dil Dhadakne dein?

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. This observation by Leo Tolstoy aptly explains the uniqueness of the Mehra family in Dil Dhadakne do. So there is the philandering ‘self made’ father, who never lets anyone forget his hardships, the long suffering society mom who has learnt to play along because she has nowhere else to go, an enterprising daughter who inherits her father’s business sense but cannot carry his legacy, being a daughter she is dutifully married off and the reluctant heir of the empire, a confused, under achieving son, whose only passion is flying


imageZoya Akhtar raises many questions in her latest film. And though Dil dhadakne do lacks the brilliance of her earlier creations it is definitely watchable. If nothing else for being one of the few hindi films which have explored the sibling relation. Not the traditional self sacrificing elder sibling of old films, or the good versus evil brother, nor sisters fighting over a suitor but a very believable contemporary brother and sister played by Ranveer and Priyanka Chopra. Catch their secret smiles and the knowing looks. Watch as they cheekily mouth their parent’s dialogues ahead of them. Particularly endearing is how they support and encourage each other through gestures when dealing with unreasonable parent demands.

All other characters are secondary to the main plot and in fact a hinderance. Having the family Dog as the narrator of the story who adds his own philosophical observation is a nice touch. Specially because all he does is sit in judgement !! It could have been a great film but as often happens the director chooses to address many issues not totally relying on just one to pull the crowds in. The result is a mishmash of ideas which culminates in a silly illogical climax. What a waste of talent.

It could be just me but I came away thinking many things. Should you stay just because there is no where else to go and should you leave because there is? Should a woman leave everything behind her birth name, her home, her dreams and aspirations just to get married ? In our patriarchal society which home should a women consider her own; her paternal home where she is traditionally considered paraya dhan or her marital home where she will always be paraye ghar ki? Should you have a baby when you want to or when you have to? Should we care for the happiness of our loved ones or the opinion of society? And of course, the issue which the director raises, should we let the heart rule, let it beat unrestrained, at the cost of social order, at the risk of chaos? So whats your verdict, kya dil ko dhadakne dein?

Care to answer …..anyone?


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6 thoughts on “Dil Dhadakne dein?

  1. neera says:

    I want to ask all those questions too……and yes the end was rather silly and illogical…

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      I was hoping for some answers o wise one!

  2. Mitra Saxena says:

    Manju ..read your articles written in june …Good great apt well researched ..one on Maggi ..good job
    big bro straight from the heart..and Dil dhadkne do ..analysis and expression accurate ..
    I enjoyed DDD ..although last bit went overboard but I am Zoya fan …enjoyed Priyanka Ranveer Anil and Shefali ..

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Mitra. I look forward to your feedback. I was a disappointed with the ending of DDD too.It seemed that Zoya had herself gone overboard with Ranveer!! But I quite liked the analysis of one of my young friends…that for a family whose main focus was’ log kya kahenge’ to take the risk of making a complete spectacle of themselves…had to be driven in
      Remember Honeymoon travels….in which the ending revealed that Abhay and Minissa were actually superhuman! That was a cute way of saying that a perfect ‘ lovey- dovey’ couple is as much a myth as superman/woman ….its the same reema kagti at work

  3. Surbhit Agrawal says:

    char din ki zindagani usmey b itna sochna kyu ?? Dil Dhadkne do !

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Ah to be young and stupid!!

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