Midway Point

IMG_3021If Life is a journey
then I truly
lived it up
in my 53rd year
The destinations
were ordinary
the journey
the co-passengers

It started with a
twenty step walk
I strutted down
the ramp
with increasing confidence,
in heels, a LBD and pressed hair.
An all girls event
with models past prime
comfortable in their sagging skin

Next was a drive to Rishikesh
for a family vacation.
Counted my blessings
all three of them
as my
newly acquired son-in-law
mingled with us outlaws
and joined the madness.

A life defining trip
to Bhutan
Thirty years after
we made the promise
we honoured it.
Six blissful days
No strings of the stifling kind
No baggage of the emotional kind
No add ons of the clingy kind
Just the seven of us
Catching up
breaking down
Unlimited, uninhibited, uninterrupted
Aur ab
Yeh dil mange more!

A trip to Chandigarh
with my namesake
Finding common ground with
trashy songs in
the background.
the potential of melody.
Nonsensical words

An impromptu sojourn
with my husband
to a wellness spa
Tucked in the foothills of
the Shivaliks.
Four days of indulgence
and introspection
in serenity
and silence
Spirited more than spiritual
an earthly journey
into myself.

A meticulously planned trip
to Chennai for a conference
Hotel and air tickets booked
months in advance.
A group of four
trying to make each moment count
from watching sunrise over the Bay of Bengal
to a stint at a night club
with shopping squeezed in
Besides the mandatory
padhai – likhai

A journey back home
from Rohtak to Gharaunda
via Murthal!!
with the best brains
in the business
All three of us
all the way
Did we get lost
Or did we find ourselves?

Three luxurious nights
in Lake Palace, Udaipur
with my kid sister and her kids,
her husband and our father.
Me, a last minute addition
My brother reasoned
When you are down in the dumps
You need to be treated like royalty.

On a train to the heart of India
with my parents and big sis
To revisit my childhood
and theirs.
Renewing the connection
and connections.
A feast for the
Mind Body Soul
And a lesson
on destinations
and destiny

To Delhi with
a gaggle of birds
having empty nests
discovering wings
learning to fly
Partying before the
and much after.

Countless trips to
Delhi and Chandigarh
With spouse, siblings,
son or solo.
Planning, chatting,
ruminating, seething

In the middle of the journey of my life
more towards the end
than the middle
I discovered
Sometimes we take the trip
Sometimes the trip takes us

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6 thoughts on “Midway Point

  1. Anjali Bansal says:

    Very well written Dr Manju. So graphic and poetic.
    But your entry to 54th so meticulously planned by Saumya should have been mentioned also. I am sure 54th yr will be more glorious

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Anjali. I think Saumya ‘s surprise party deserves more space….hoping to write about it soon

  2. Rachna Uppal says:

    It is a pleasure reading your crisp anecdotes.It is always so simply written with flow that always takes one to think the same on one’s own life!

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Rachna i have been reading your generous comments for a while now and hope RAJIV has passed on my gratitude.Thanks for writing in. I am happy that you connect with my writings. They are honest musings about my trivial pursuits. Basically nothing about nothing. But please do keep reading.

  3. Beeta Monga says:

    I love reading your posts/ blogs. Your write ups always touch a chord and are so fresh and humorous. I have added you as friend so I would not miss reading your articles.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks beeta. I am honoured.

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