Playing Dead


When the blaring loudspeaker
of a nearby temple
took a break from its task of
reminding me
what a lowly ‘adharmi’
I am
There was complete

and then
I could hear the clatter
of a train passing by
the horns of distant vehicles
the faint rumble of a generator

the shuffle of feet  below

some chirping birds
and rustling of leaves
in the morning breeze

as my senses sharpened
I could hear the
the creaking of a door
at the other end of the house
the faint hum of the UPS
the buzz of a tube light above

and then
as I lay there
I could hear
my breathing
my heartbeat

and then
Nothing at all

I have been playing dead
for a while now.
In the run up to my fifty third birthday
I think I might have just got
the Shav asana right

I was
Resting in Peace
of that
I am sure….

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2 thoughts on “Playing Dead

  1. Dr. Ritu Agrawal says:

    Birthday pe i was expecting something lively n vibrant in sync wd ur persona

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      No one can always be happy……not even me!

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