Sense, censor and sensibility

I have been a bad girl…… immoral woman…….ok, a dirty old hag ! Please don’t get caught in the specifics and read on……

I watched the AIB knock out. Yup , the whole 51 minutes of it. More out of curiosity than anything else. And here’s my opinion. Most of it is what school boys with surging hormones write behind bathroom doors or what adults with declining hormones read off their mobile phones. I suspect this is what made the show so offensive. Four thousand people laughing together on dirty jokes! This is against our culture. Such indiscretions ( nonveg jokes!!) should only be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s home, or, when parliament is in session ! We are such hypocrites !!

The show also included some really harsh battering of the people on stage. All in the name of fun and evidently for a good cause ( the proceeds went to charity !) It eludes me how and why people would want to be roasted alive and eaten. But that’s besides the point. The fact of the matter is that everyone seemed to be having a good time, the audience, the punchers as well as those punched. So where is the problem? If a group of people decide to pay an obnoxious amount of money to watch an equally obnoxious show, they should be able to do so.

And it seems, they did get away with it, until much later, when three clippings posted on you tube went viral. That was when the first rumblings of outrage were heard which slowly became a cacophony and forced the withdrawal of the video and FIRs against the organisers and participants . All this drama roused curiosity and resulted in more people ( including yours truly!) watch something which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. So what was achieved, apart from a raging debate on morality and freedom of choice. Definitely not what the state wanted  . In any case, with the advent of modern technology, the government can’t stop people from watching what they want to, so why even bother.

Will I watch another episode of AIB roast, if there ever is one ? The answer is a resounding, “No”, for the simple reason that its not my cup of tea. I found the humour too juvenile to suit my sensibility. But I still feel that it should not be banned or forced to be taken down. The state should not decide what is good for us, it should be left to our discretion . Not only because it is an invasion of freedom but also because obscenity is subjective. What I find extremely obscene may not offend someone else’s sensibilities

And that brings me to my next point. On the profanity index I would probably rate AIB equal to MSG ………..No, a thunderbolt didn’t fall from heaven and kill me for what I had just written.For although most of our battles are to protect God from getting hurt, He isn’t easily offended. Returning to my original string of thought, why did I commit the blasphemy of equating MSG and AIB ? Well, because I believe that religion like private parts are personal matters and should be kept to oneself, preferably out of public sight. It is indecent, obscene, even vulgar to thrust either of them in other people’s faces. But the state should trust us to make that choice and not impose bans.

So if some people decide it is worthwhile to spend time and money on some ludicrous jokes they should be allowed to do so. Similarly if disciples want to reverently perform prostrations while their garishly dressed guru sings, dances, mouths cheesy dialogues or performs miracles no one should object .

Life, as it is, is tough. No one needs someone to tell them how to live it !

This is a rather radical view and I don’t expect many will agree, but do tell me why I am wrong. Convince me and I’ll gladly switch sides.

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5 thoughts on “Sense, censor and sensibility

  1. mitra says:

    Manju …you have put your points so accurately and appropriately that even without seeing either I know which side I shall be standing ….
    Never watchers ….simply coz I find obscenity not my cup of tea …
    Religious or roasting …
    You deserve special accolades for being so eloquent are unknowingly encouraging us to polish our language …too when we comment ….keep it up.

  2. Manju Gupta says:

    Thanks Mitra for your valuable feedback. It is magnanimous of you to say what you have. I look forward to your critique

  3. manju malik says:

    though i havent seen any of the two discussed but ur points r valid .religion is a private matter not to be thrusted on somebody.same is what u laugh on ..if u r not hurting anyone. n watching porn in assembly…less said the better…

  4. Rajinder Sarna says:

    I am a member of Rohmedcol. Have read two of your posts so far. Intend to read others too. Liked your flowing style of writing and sense of humour. You have a flair for communicating your thoughts. All the best.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Rajinder Sarna, looking forward to your feedback.

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