Talvar- the sword!

imageIts the same story told differently. While Avirook Sen has courageously named names in his thrilling book Aarushi, Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna Gulzar take a different route. By claiming that their movie is only ‘inspired’ by real events, they take the creative freedom to deviate from the truth or look beyond it. So the thinly disguised names, starting with the film’s title to the C.D.I , their take on India’s premier investigative agency, all serves a purpose.

Extremely well crafted, with a documentary like feel, the film makers succeed in selling it as the truth without ever claiming to. A taut script, realistic performances by seasoned actors and thoughtfully cast ‘extras’ makes one forget that it is just a dramatic reconstruction of the supposed events. Irfan Khan manages to outshine the talented Konkona Sen and Neeraj Kabi ( of Ship of Theseus fame), but then, he is the hero of the film and gets to deliver all the best lines. To tell a tale which has been done to death and still keep the viewer hooked is no mean feat and the makers accomplish it. The pace slackens only when Tabu enters the frame……why O why has she been wasted in such a inconsequential role?

The film fails on only one account, in its bias for the Talwars. And although, in Rashomon style, it tells all three versions of the story, it makes the other two look unlikely, almost comical. The movie is more like an audiovisual petition by the Talwars, their day in court, their chance to tell the story without interruptions. But will this speed up their appeal hearing and more importantly will this film start a new trend of generating public opinion and influencing the government through celluloid?

The good thing is you don’t have to agree with the makers to enjoy their film. Watch it for its cinematic brilliance even if it is a tad inconvenient. With Akshay Kumar hogging prime time, Talvar is being shown at unearthly hours in most towns. As for me, I would have preferred to linger on in the hall a little longer after the last strains of Rekha Bhardwaj’s rendition of the haunting ‘Zinda’ died. But the ushers stood impatiently staring at me. They wanted me to leave so that they could too. Can’t blame them it was well past midnight!

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4 thoughts on “Talvar- the sword!

  1. Aditya Gipta says:

    there are two different things. Movie ………it is one the best movies excelling in all fields!! Second is story line………..it is clearly mentioned that movie has no correlation with any real life incidence blah blah and writer has cleverly changed names , still it is inspired by Talwar episode………..so writer has the choice to twist to make it more dramatic. who killed Arushi is debatable But undoubtedly movie s a landmark!!

  2. Ritu Agrawal says:

    There was an obvious bias in the director’s mind that parents r innocent!!honour killings are definitely present in our society more so in the part where u live ~~that angle of the story seems to have been explored incompletely !!we r made to believe that if that officer had not retired at that point in time the case was almost cracked~~what is ur take on that???

  3. Pradeep says:

    hmm. good angle Manju!
    well the roles played by the characters in the movie were extremely precise.Relevant and accurate depiction of the entire case.Most of the audiences are not aware of the happenings of this case which this movie depicts in the best way possible.Brilliant acting by Irrfan Khan and Neeraj Kabi. Its effective in showing the people the loopholes in Indian administration.:(

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thank you Pradeep. The ‘Talwar’ story has always intrigued me. Specially the public comment about their grief or the lack of it. Can grief be measured? How much is enough?

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