Tears of Laughter

When it comes to humour, I am partial to the English language. Lucille Ball with her deadpan expression and Charlie Chaplin with the funny one liners were a favourite as a kid. Later I graduated to the subtle sarcasm of British comedy like To the Manor born, Fawlty towers, Are you being served?, Yes minister and Yes Prime Minister which were intermittently shown on Doordarshan. Cable network widened my horizon and American humour stays a hot favourite. Sienfeld, Fraiser, Everybody loves Raymond, Modern family and even Friends can make me laugh anytime, no matter how blue I am feeling. Can’t say the same for our desi shows. Some Hindi comedy serials do start off well but quickly run out of ideas. Situational comedies like Chupke- Chupke, Appu Raja, Hera Pheri and the excellent satire in Jane bhi do yaaron and Bheja fry are a few exceptions.

But for the past few days I have been hooked to a very funny ‘desi’ series. It is beamed live into my living room three times a year. What makes the show so entertaining is that it is full of surprises. The script which is released in advance is never followed. It makes wholesome entertainment if you ignore the foul language and the name calling. There is not a dull moment as the characters bicker and bitch with the occasional fits of rage in which mikes and chairs become projectiles. It tends to get chaotic and it is sometimes difficult to hear the dialogues above the din. But who cares for whats being said. The message of the show is loud and clear ‘ Hamam mein sab nange hain’. It is sad that the hamam is our Parliament and no one seems to ever emerge clean.

For what its worth you should also watch and try to laugh. Made at an astounding 260 crores, it’s your money too ! As they say in Bollywood, it is not ‘ Paisa vasool’ but you have already bought the ticket……might as well enjoy the show…….

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2 thoughts on “Tears of Laughter

  1. Sunita singh says:

    Real mockery of Parliament. Same things use to happen in past .I think the pay of these members should be calculated as per constructive working hours.Both parties trying to score brownie points.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Totally agreee with you Sunita. Why should we pay for their indiscretions?

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