The One Eyed Bride

This is a tale of simpler times and limited choices. A reminder that life existed before the advent of online shopping and express delivery. It was two days before my wedding. Dad’s friend, a rich poultry farmer had dropped by. When I went in to serve tea he casually remarked that I should stop using spectacles so that people get accustomed to seeing me without them. He was shocked when I told him, that I intended to wear them to my wedding. In the interrogation that ensued, I gave him the two reasons, I had till then, given to anyone who had dared to ask. The first was that I couldn’t see without them and the second I wanted to look like myself on my wedding, something I didn’t, sans specs. He airily dismissed my explanation and asked me if I had ever seen a bespectacled bride. Standing my ground I replied that although I hadn’t, I didn’t mind becoming the first.

Exasperated, he ignored me and addressed my father instead, asking how he was allowing such a travesty to happen. My father matter of factly said that the bride had the power to decide. By now uncle had inferred that the problem was bigger than he had initially thought. Imbecility ran in the family ! He wasn’t going to give up so easily though. Not wasting another moment he told me to get in his car so that we could go buy contact lenses. Enroute, I tried to explain that there was no way we could get them this fast . The year was 1985 and fresh out of medical school, I knew the drill. After the ophthalmologist did a detailed eye examination, the lenses were ordered from Aligarh. The whole process took at least a week.

8557EA09-F7B5-4180-8913-4E37A3E3FCB7Uncle, as we fondly called him, ignored all I said. With the confidence money brings, he barged into the Eye Doctor’s office and declared, “ She has to get married in two days. She can’t see without glasses and I won’t let her get married with them. Give her contact lenses.” And then to strengthen his case he invoked the fraternal bond,“ She is a doctor too”. The doctor looked at me, unimpressed, and commented that I should know how much time the procedure took. Unruffled, uncle used his most powerful weapon yet. He invoked the paternal bond, “ Son, have you forgotten me? I am your father’s friend.”

The doctor replied that although he had recognised him there was still nothing he could do. Unfazed, uncle parked himself opposite the doctor and asked him to think hard, saying that a solution would emerge. “Don’t you have a pair lying around somewhere.“ he suggested helpfully. The doctor opened his mouth to explain the concept of ‘lens power’ and then sensing its futility decided against it. He sat contemplating under uncle’s watchful eye, and eventually said that he had one lens which was almost of the same power I needed. Uncle jumped, and with a winning grin exclaimed, “ That will do. She can garland the groom with one eye.”

So everything ended perfectly. Uncle had another feather in his cap and a story to tell, so did the eye doctor and I. The tradition of the flawless, demure, Indian bride was preserved. I skilfully put the noose around my husband with my under corrected single eye. This was contrary to what my textbooks said about binocular vision being necessary for perception of depth. But then, perhaps, the fact that marriages are made in heaven guided me to my destiny.

( published as ‘Spice of life’ in the Hindustan Times on 30/4/18)

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24 thoughts on “The One Eyed Bride

  1. Mitra Saxena says:

    Hilarious and Picturesque. ..
    I imagined every single word of your description…
    Manju …Girl you had the determination since the beginning, but You met your match a cute overbearing uncle..

    PS …You are lookin very sweet in both the pics …and credit goes to your uncle and you…

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Mitra. Yes I was always a little jhakki … me into all sorts of trouble….

  2. Dr Anita Jain says:

    The focus still remains…….eyes are the window to the soul,… glasses help as filters

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Astute as always

  3. Dr Sunita Singh says:

    Manju you are looking such a pretty bride . Off course without spects.
    Thanks to Uncle.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Ha ha right

  4. Dr Indu Sharma says:

    With or without specs looking very pretty I remember your shadi very distinctly… but I don’t remember this lens wali kahani

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Hmm….and may I ask …as my style consultant how you were allowing this to happen….or knowing me was it a case of resignation

  5. Sashi Nair PII says:

    Super piece. You write very well. You should write a book. Maintain a diary…recollect memories of ur work etc…biographies are also history.. you can do it…you have a book or two in you!

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      As director and editor of Press Institute of India..this means a lot coming from you sir….a book requires discipline and commitment…I lack both as of now..but maybe someday….the big question remains..if I write it ..who will read it?

  6. Dr Shikha Saraogi says:

    Di… Partly knew the story that dadaji’s friend advised against glasses but the later part is funnier..
    Frankly speaking..You had taken a great risk…btw you are looking very sober and graceful in the second pic

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Yes the second part is hilarious….

  7. Dr Anupuma Khurana says:

    All said and done .. your glasses do hide a very beautiful pair of highly expressive eyes…. go for lenses.. dey hv coloured ones now….

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      And Icould easily get a pair!

  8. AnjaliBansal says:

    Such a pretty and determined bride. Haha I could visualise all the stubborn talks.
    Must be hard task for opthalmologist to face two hard-headed duos.
    Very well written Dr Manju

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      I can imagine that you can imagine it….now that you are regularly exposed to all my Jhakk. Thanks for appreciating

  9. Kavita says:

    It’s an art to convert small incidents into write-ups and being able to put it before the world…and u are an uncomparable artist at that… besides having command over writing….
    A catchy title and hilarious presentation…wch is always so Candid…..are your strengths…keep doing us proud….

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Kavita….and you are in so many of my little stories…we did get into hilarious situations

  10. Suman Bishnoi says:

    When I read the title “One Eyed Bride” I could never imagine that the write-up would be so hilarious …But ur uncle had the upper edge & made you wear the only lens which the ophthalmologist had…
    But the pic in specks is equally good if not better…

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Glad you liked it….it is such an unusual story…but it has that Bhartiya undercurrent….the way we manage …jugadbaaji…thanks for writing in

  11. Anna says:

    Something similar happened to my mom. She and my dad had a motorbike accident and my mom lost her right eye. My grandparents were horrified to know that they had been seeing each other on their own with no parental supervision and made them marry immediately. It was so soon after the accident that my mom was wearing a big bandage patch on her missing eye on her wedding. For the honeymoon they went to the city where my mom was fitted with a prosthetic eye, she was also prescribed glasses to help her only eye see, so my dad used to joke about going on his honeymoon with a one eyed bride and going back home with a four eyed one.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Although tragic…this is such a beautiful story in so many ways…..your father’s commitment to the relationship….and his sense of humour is endearing
      Thanks for sharing
      Just curious….What made you read this….it’s a pretty old post

  12. Anna says:

    Randomly looking for information about weddings. I’m getting married

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Congratulations…keep reading and writing

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