Way to go girl!

It could well be the final frontier, the universal equaliser, the ultimate tool of women empowerment. It is called a F.U.D, a female urination device, and is essentially a small contraption which helps you pee while standing! Before asking me why you need it, think of all those times when you have nearly burst your bladder trying to locate a toilet, or cringed at the thought of using one of questionable hygiene. The times when you have squatted behind bushes and walls to relieve yourself wishing there was a better, less embarrassing wayimage

Well, your prayers have been answered and although women in the west have been using it for decades, it is now readily available in India. It is a small funnel of medical grade silicon which you hold against yourself with a thumb and finger to avoid squatting while voiding. Since it is soft and mouldable, one size fits all and it seals readily with no leakage. No need to take down your pants and bare your bums. A word of caution though, it makes sense to practice at home a few times and study the stream’s trajectory so that you don’t miss the target and splash your feet.

Now onto the tricky part of stowing it after use. Wash it with soap and water, shake it dry , fold it , roll it and put it in its container. It is small and discreet and can be kept in your purse. For the more finicky users , it can also be boiled to disinfect. Disposable ones are also available for those who find this part too yucky and don’t mind increasing their carbon footprint. The comforting thought is that urine is sterile when it emerges from your body. In any case its a choice between touching your own versus sitting on someone else’s. The wise will choose the former!

Think about it and you’ll agree that it makes sense. The government propaganda notwithstanding, the sad truth is ‘ jahan socho wahan souchalay nahin hai. ‘. Till the time our country manages decent public toilets which are ‘sulabh’ ( easy to find) and swacch ( hygienic ) the Clean India campaign will remain a dream. In the meantime this small device seems to be the way to go when you’ve got to go. Because our greatest quest should not be looking for a clean toilet and it is time we stood up for ourselves!

But ladies remember to leave the toilet seat down after lifting it for use!!

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3 thoughts on “Way to go girl!

  1. bhavna says:

    What else could catch the attention.! Will ask website walas to have a look at this write up to endorse it if they really want it to be the best selling product. Beautifully expressed and am impressed.

    1. Manju Gupta says:

      Thanks Bhavna…..you set the ball rolling…how can I forget that

  2. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post
    is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You are wonderful! Thanks!

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